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Top 15 Mobile App Ad Networks And Platforms

Top 15 Mobile App Ad Networks And Platforms

The minimum withdrawal amount varies according to membership status ranging from $2 all the way to $8. You have a variety of informational and educational videos and ads to choose from, concerning things like news, pop culture, lifestyle, and more. This article includes links which we may receive compensation for if you click, at no cost to you. Create a compelling video, since video content is the most engaging means of storytelling.

how apps make money with ads

There is disjoined shopping experience and poor inventory visibility. With poor m-Commerce experience in the mobile app world, you require having a user-friendly smartphone for your business. To sell online enables you to reach more people anytime and anywhere.

Many users have since chosen to not be tracked, causing a number of advertisers to cut spending on advertising on social media platforms like Facebook. To have an easily monetizable app, you will require one which is accepted well by your users. You can ensure it by building a UI prototyping, and knowing what is app testing and its importance for the users. This can be in a mobile app with only a visual layout or even a sketch presented to a user group for their feedback.

How To Choose The Best Free App Monetization Strategy

App bonus is a great way to increase app loyalty and user engagement. The profit from this strategy is made via in-app currencies and sponsorships. Meanwhile, these rewards must be wisely positioned as part of the app’s involvement. The payouts are higher than some other options (between $.50 to $3), but the options are limited, both in the number of available ads to watch and the variety of ways you can make money. This separates it from sites like Swagbucks, through which you can also make money filling out surveys, online shopping, and searching the web. That said, watching ads in Swagbucks is not very lucrative and can only earn you a few Swagbucks for watching a chunk of video.

how apps make money with ads

Subscription is an additional convenience feature that allows the users to browse inventory and accordingly order. The offerings are endless, so shoppers will always have a lot to choose from. Typically, you will be watching ads on your mobile device, using the either a web browser or directly within the companies mobile app. Ibotta works a little differently from the other paid ad-watching opportunities on this list.

It is very unlikely that developers create apps just because they have free time or they are nice people. Well, it’s quite difficult to justify an exact figure on how do free apps make money. It totally depends on your app idea, the problem it solves, and its capabilities. On average, an entertaining app can easily bag around $ 5K-6K daily while a gaming app can earn around $15-20K, still, you can’t really define an exact number. Do you need the assistance of a strategic, hard-working development team to help turn your app idea into an authentic, meaningful product in record time?

To gain substantial revenues from in-app advertising, the app needs to have a significant number of active users who engage with an app regularly. So, before cooperating with any ad network it would be good to work towards increasing the user base. It also identifies what value will be offered by the product, how much it will worth and who will pay for this value. The mobile market is undoubtedly attractive in terms of possible income.

App owners can also be paid every time an ad is displayed to a user. These in-app ads are often shown in different sizes and forms on the phone’s screen or the app’s interface. It is one of the most well-known advertisement methods of in-app advertisement due to how easy it is to implement on the app’s interface. A banner ad can be placed on different parts of the interface, such as the top, bottom, left, or right of the screen.

Unfortunately, they don’t offer an app, so when you watch ads for money it must be done in a web-based browser. Find out how much it costs to develop a mobile app for the app stores and what lies behind app development estimation. Native ads, including sponsored content or videos, are integrated into the app layout and do not distract app users.


To make money with mobile apps, your app needs to be useful and worth your target audience’s time, and it must address their specific needs and be very easy to use. The app earnings of your mobile app can only peak when users enjoy using your apps as often as they can. So, the more useful your app is, the easier it is to make money from it, no matter the niche. Also, when you understand the purpose of the app’s creation, you can then decide how to monetize an app with the best method befitting the app’s purpose. Free mobile apps have a more significant market share compared with paid apps.

how apps make money with ads

If you’ve ever asked the question, “can you make money creating apps? Apps are one of the top revenue sources globally, and by owning an app, you should open yourself up to the many opportunities to make money from apps. Also, community apps have the features of global donation and similar features to the charity apps. So, it works mainly like fundraising for these applications created using Andromo. At the same time, apps can also be created for small businesses that need donations and the like to run further. However, in recent times, people have wondered how to make an app that makes money, which birthed the new kind of crowdfunding available with apps now.

Business Goals

So, this subscription model can make money with android applications by having a free version at first with limited features that the user can pay to access. There are so many ways to monetize mobile apps, but perhaps the most simple and popular is in-app ads. Run tests, devote time to analysis and observation, add constant refinements to your app monetization strategy and get to make money from free apps without driving users away instead. For example, you have a game app and provide some additional game crystals for installing a sponsor’s application. Affiliate partners get additional advertising opportunities and increased sales, app owners receive affiliate rewards from sponsors. In today’s abundance of surrounding information, it is very important to maintain constant contact with a target audience.

  • Here you receive the payment based on several video views or other ad interactions.
  • In this type, a video ad that lasts seconds is positioned within the app, where it automatically plays whenever there are natural pauses.
  • When thinking of making money with mobile apps, in-app purchases are always bound to come up.
  • Out of 3.9 billion users of mobile devices globally, 51% access the internet through their smartphones only.
  • Many apps probably won’t be able to offer enough value to justify requesting recurring monthly payments.
  • Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about getting paid to watch ads.

Top 7 Free Apps That Can Earn You Extra Cash If you’re searching for a way to make some extra money, you should check out these seven free apps! So whether you’re waiting in line at the grocery store or driving around the city, these apps can help you make some extra cash. Even many successful entrepreneurs became millionaires with app ideas. The most amazing thing is that many successful entrepreneurs got filthy rich through millionaire & billionaire trending app ideas.

So no matter what your attitude to the in-app ads is, you can’t deny they’re prospering and bringing huge revenues. Selling users’ data might not sound very nice and ethical at the very beginning but this is, in fact, a legal way of making money. In the end, you are not sharing any personal information – all the data is impersonated. Consumables are items that can be purchased and used only once, for example, an additional life in the game, virtual money, accessories, etc. Usually, this is not a complicated process as ad monetization companies provide detailed documentation and support in case of questions.

Not only can this method produce a measurable profit if done correctly, but it also offers minimal disruption to the user experience. Additionally, developers should keep in mind that working with the wrong people or businesses could negatively impact the app’s ROI. That said, it tends to only be truly effective for apps with a large user base. Additionally, it does have the drawback of being ignored by users, especially if the ads are irrelevant or unappealing.

The Demographics Of Your Target Audience

They blend into the app’s design and content and can be perceived as a part of the app. Sponsored posts on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.) are a good example of native ads. Rewarded videos are booming now, raid shadow legends advertising budget especially within mobile games. A rewarded video is a video ad that a user is asked to watch in exchange for some benefits such as extra coins, additional lives, new accessories, more time to spend within an app, etc.

In 2018, there were 3.8 million apps on Google Play and two million in the Apple App Store. Instead, you will download the Nielsen App on your smartphone and software for any other computer devices. The app them send Nielsen anonymous data about how you use your devices . All this data helps build a larger picture of consumer behavior, which is very valuable to marketing companies.

Hence, if your app offers something unique, you can try selling the API to other apps & products. So there are many ways to make money with mobile apps, but the best option seems to be free apps. And then, free apps can make money by using several app https://globalcloudteam.com/ monetization strategies, which will be discussed in the latter part of this blog. But first, let’s shed some light on the market statistics of Free and Paid mobile apps. Swagbucks is another popular choice for those looking to watch ads for money.

While this is great for users, future app developers may find themselves confused by these figures. If you’re thinking about creating and launching an app, you may be wondering how you’re supposed to make any money from it if it needs to be free. That’s a reasonable question and one with a wide range of answers, as there are many ways for free applications to rake in a profit.

how apps make money with ads

There are always more downloads of free apps compared to paid apps, and the reason for this is pretty obvious. At the same time, surprisingly even, free apps bring in more app earnings and profits compared to paid apps on any app store. For example, if an app allows third parties to sell their products through the application, they can charge transaction fees for each purchase that occurs. This is a fantastic method for unseen income generation through the promotion of cashless transactions without the potential to impact user credibility negatively.

Interstitial Ads

Often it is complex to track a referral campaign, and it requires the development of other tools. Here you receive the payment based on several video views or other ad interactions. The consumers get some perks, like extra points, app currency, etc.) when they watch the video ad till the end. Next are Advertising apps, where 36 percent of non-gaming ad revenue comes from these, and then 21% comes from mCommerce channels in 2017. All you need to do is sign up, which is usually free, and you’re ready to go.

How Do You Profit From An App?

On the other hand, a free version of your app will reach a broad audience and make your app viral. Influencer marketing is a bit different way of sponsoring since you will deal, not with the business, but with an individual opinion leader, well known within your target audience. In this way, such an opinion leader will promote your app to fans and attract new users to your app. You can also ask an influencer to become an ambassador for your app, which is a prevalent strategy among famous brands.

It works to mix models according to your offerings and audience, thus creating a good balance of creating value and generating revenue. This model consists of offering advertising space within the app to brands having exclusive content or offering discounts. Also, it allows brands to outstand their app presence, and it gets the users exposed to several offers & discounts. Watching video ads for money tends to get overlooked as a monetization strategy, but we hope this article has convinced you that it can be a great way to make some extra cash on the side. If you’re looking to make some extra money on the side, there are a few options you can consider. One easy and straightforward way to supplement your income is to watch ads for money.

Mobile app subscriptions for any app niche are quite common as they allow users to pay for a service as long as they want to. The subscription model serves as a model that provides software or the mobile app as a service. To make money with apps, an app owner can offer a service with the app and require the users to pay a weekly, monthly, or annual fee to access this service.

What Apps Pay You To Watch Ads?

While the application is free to download and use, app publishers earn money based on the interactions on the advertisements displayed within the application. This app revenue model is highly considered and found to be profitable. In March 2021, around 97 percent of the apps in the Google Play Store were free compared to 93 percent of the apps in the Apple App Store. Now the question is exactly how these large number of free apps name revenues?


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